I almost became a statistic

So I just reached level 7!! It would be a good thing if it hadn’t taken me… let me check… giphy


I had 100 to 200 reviews built up for almost the entire period and couldn’t find the motivation to knock them all out at once. So I’d get down to 50 or so left, and feel trapped when the next day I again had 150 reviews to do!
My free time to do WaniKani has decreased, but I also stopped practicing as much, stopped even visiting the website as much.
But I would occasionally recall the graph of user level distribution…

and knew that I didn’t want to be another pixel sitting down at the crowded end of the pool.
I know my motivation for this website fluctuates wildly, and I’m sure there will be another level or more that takes me 53 days.
But to myself and anyone reading with similar issues, hang in there! Taking it slow is better than not taking it at all, and keep in mind the desire to learn this valuable skill so that it may push you through the difficult periods.


Thaaaank youuuu!!! For the encouragement, and for the warning, too! Also thank you for posting the graph. It’s a graph with a lot of emotions…and consequences… :smiley:

Thanks for sticking it out!!! :slight_smile:


Also…thanks for making me


@charlbarl and @Slooshy It doesn’t matter how long the journey takes. The important thing is to get there. And I know that you both have it in you to get there! The hard part was over when you both decided to take the plunge. See you both at 60! Hope this message makes you feel like the gentlemen below :wink: :


LOL thanks for your reply!! I want to put the distribution graph on this video so everyone on WK can be reminded-- “Don’t become a statistic!”


WOO! Thank you Inspectatoro! God speed and see you there :slight_smile:


Thanks for that chart. I made it to 10 before resetting (after a 2 month break). It’s kinda encouraging to see that I made it that far :slight_smile:
(What’s working for me now is a slower pace. I do all the radicals at once, then 5 kanji or 10 vocab a day. This is about 16 days per level. I have a job and other hobbies, slow but steady is the better option for me.)


That’s awesome. It takes quite a bit of will power to do what you did. Pat yourself on the back, get a good cup of coffee to commemorate and take in this victory.

I also look at those graphs from time to time to keep me going. I have some stuff printed on my cork board at home tracking my progress to keep me motivated, maybe i should put that graph too lol.


This is a pretty good pace in my opinion, considering you have work. I’m on the same boat with work so 17-20 days per level is more my speed. That’s because I like to keep my apprentice count around 100-110 only. What I found is that I will get all of them to guru but a sizable chunk don’t make it to master :sweat_smile: This will probably slow down now as I am going through Genki and BunPro alongside WK.

All the best @BreatheTheFREQ the Painful levels are waiting for you! :upside_down_face:


loooooooooooooooooõl :sweat_smile:


Took me 93 days to finish level 38 ! So I feel ya :cold_sweat:

keep going at whatever speed facilitates you getting to level 60, or wherever you wanna be :wink:


Definitely feel like the hopping guy! :smiley:


I totally want to do that and I have absolutely no idea how to get that accomplished…lol…

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Cool deal! He is the service specialist for the team. It’s a volleyball anime! :volleyball:

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Good work, we need to continue.
There is some good stats there if you like stats : https://www.wkstats.com/


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