I actually went and clicked on it

I keep coming across kanji that I recognize its shape but either forgot the reading or forgot the meaning or both. I finally decided to go give the extra study link a click.


That button has looked pretty threatening since it appeared but now’s as good a time as any to go through a few old things when I’m bored. My regular reviews are now sparse enough that I only need to do them two or three time a week. I’ve also resolved to unburn things if I come across them in the wild and can’t properly remember them.

I’d say part of the problem was that I just don’t read often enough. I’ve grown very reliant on Yomichan (browser plug-in) to understand things. I’d like to spend lots more time reading books or things but it’s hard to find things that interest me and often there are other activities I’d rather spend my time on.


Same. Lol. Sorry can’t be much of help since i have same problem. Good luck on the re-reviews.

Are you saying you are not interested in reading at all? :thinking: (independent of the language?). Because in Japanese you can find the same things as in any other language, I believe.

Or is it the „finding“ part that’s difficult for you? If so, what are you interested in? Maybe we can help.


Sounds like you need somewhere Yomichan can’t reach, or Yomichan ban. Manga (without Mokuro) is probably like that.

Mainly there’s not a lot I like to read these days in any language. Occasionally I’ll go back to a game I’ve played before and switch the language to Japanese though I don’t do that often enough either, since many of the games I play don’t have a Japanese option.

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