I‘ve tried the scenic route for level 6 and it went horrible

Hi, I would like to share my exeperience with my worst level so far. Level 6.

There is nothing too crazy about it. Nothing really special where one could think oh yeah that is especially tough.

But I just got overwhelmed. I am at a new point of my career learning way. There where many things I had to learn besides WK. But then WK threw 200 vocabs + the radicals and kanji at my head.

It was too much. So I kinda did the scenic route style by mistake. I‘ve basically done only reviews. Got my first englightments. The number of apprentice items were getting smaller and smaller. I just couldn‘t get into doing 200 lessons. It was like a great wall in front of me saying that is just too much.

The result doing the scenic route was interesting to me. If I did some lessons here and there (I took like 3 weeks for this level) I couldn‘t remember things as I could before. I was doing them only halfway. The readings were missing in my mind often. Even the meanings I couldn‘t remember sometimes. And I am certain it is because I was doing it only by the side and were doing it so slowly.

So I learned that the scenic route won‘t be a possible approach to WK for me. I need to focus and do lessons constantly and with my mind focused on the lessons I am doing right now.

I am glad that many people are happy with the scenic route and can just ease through WK without worrying! But for me I learned to see WK as a hobby where I need to put effort into to get something out of it.

Thanks for reading!


Out of curiosity, how did you accumulate 200 lessons? By getting only the radicals and kanji to master and sorting lessons? I don’t think I ever had 200 lessons waiting for me.

As an alternative, you could try an Anki deck and see how that goes. Anki decks are not split into radicals + kanji + vocab so the load might seem lesser.

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A “problem” of “standard WK” is the order of lessons. You have to complete them in the order that is given to you: therefore, taking the scenic route, it might take a while before you encounter the kanjis for the radicals you have learned, or the vocabs for the kanji you have learned.

It doesn’t seem much, but the vocabs lesson really really help to hammer down the kanjis. Just kanji lessons are not enough.

You might want to try the scenic route using scripts to reorder lessons.

  • learn radicals bit by bit
  • always finish available vocab lessons
  • learn new kanji bit by bit

By doing so, you can optimize the time between kanji guru review and vocab lesson: this did the trick for me.

(Among my other experiments, there are 4 levels only kanji full speed. It went horribly)


I was using a reorder script via Tsurukame so I could progress fast through levels and do the vocab of the level after doing the first batch of kanji and radicals. However I couldn‘t finish the vocab from level 5 before starting 6 as I were too busy so the lessons went up quite fast.

Well I learned that doing goes way fasten (atleast for most of the vocab) and I am motivated again to get my time in. So now I am sitting through it! And to be honest I need the mnemoics from WK.

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This was basically my way to go except that I speeded through the vocab while doing the new kanji/radicals with the help of reordering to do so. However as I wrote I just let the vocab be but finished level 5 so that I piled up too much stuff at level 6.

But hopefully I am back at it and will get back on track. I wanna finish WK in atleast 2 years max, so scenic route is not really an option for me. And also I really habe the feeling I need to push myself to my limits to actually learn instead of just doing a minimum.

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2 years is perfect for WK, especially if you study grammar and read on the side!
Prioritize vocab lessons and you will be fine ^^

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I always just do the lessons in small patches and not all at once so I don’t get overwhelmed. But that is crazy you got 200 lessons as I’ve never had that many lessons waiting for me.


Wise words

Have you considered this might be at least part of the problem? :thinking:

Anyway, it’s good that you’ve found your groove. Keep on grooving.

They’ve leveled up 1 time in the past 10 months. I think it’s safe to say they didn’t find their groove.