I´m struggling with this sentence でも一番嫌なのはさ

I don´t understand what that はさ means, I can´t find it in a dictionary… the sentence is suposse to mean ¨But what’s scummiest of all…¨ in natural english. Can anyone pls provide me a grammatical explanation?



speaker a* 一体どうなってるんだ

speaker a* ここで巨人と戦闘が行われたのになんの説明もなしだ

speaker b* まあね

speaker b* でも一番嫌なのはさ

It’s a way to provide emphasis to the sentence:

In standard Japanese, ending with a さ is a colloquial way to make a statement more playfully assertive

Also check out definition 2 on Jisho:

Also note that this is a sentence fragment, which is pretty normal for dialogue.

I’d actually translate it as:

“But the worst part is . . . “

Edit: @Pazispeace - What @Leebo said may be more accurate but I’ll leave this here as it may come up for you later.

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This feels like filler さ to me, more than sentence-ending さ, given the fragment aspect of it.

Can’t say I’m 100% sure though.

EDIT: A native I asked agreed it’s filler and not sentence-ending.


thank you!

and thank you!!

thank you so much guys for your help, it was really helpful

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