Husband and Jet radicals, how to recognize?

Does anyone knows how to make a difference between the 2 radicals Husband (夫)and Jet(未)?
When I search for the radicals in the list, I can see a difference (the length of the horizontal strokes), but not when the question comes in the reviews. There both radicals seems perfectly identical and it’s every time a 50-50 chance to get it right/wrong…


Can you take a screenshot of the reviews? Maybe your device has a funky font issue.

Maybe. Next time one of these radicals is asked in the review, I’ll make a screenshot.

It’s true that fonts can make things look wonky.

Otherwise, I considered it tree plus an extra stroke vs big plus an extra stroke.


Hi @Fukuchan-Ryoko! Welcome to WaniKani!

To answer your question, I visualize the jet radical as having an exhaust pipe. This is the vertical line at the base. The husband radical does not have this vertical line and that is how I differentiate the two. It also makes sense since husbands do not have exhaust pipes like vehicles, wheras a jet does.


Hope this helps? Not unless @Leebo is correct that you do have a font issue, then please disregard my comment.

inspectatoro :nerd_face::steam_locomotive:


Oh, I think I wasn’t paying really attention!
I thought the only difference was the length of the horizontal stroke and didn’t see the “basis” (big + stroke and tree + stroke).
I had so much trouble to remember the difference between “not yet” and “end” that I thought the husband radical was the same…
Thank you very much!


But they do have something… Oh never mind, I don’t want to mess with your mnemonic :smiley:


Hopefully it’s not anywhere close to the size of an airplanes exhaust though…

If it is you’d have bigger problems than confusing these two radicals.


Jets don’t have exhaust pipes… just saying. Husbands, on the other hand…

The urge to respond to both your comments is too much for me to handle! Then again, I sincerely do not wish this to be the last time we all see each other in this forum. Hence, my silence on anything further on this matter other than I appreciate both of where you are headed. (and no, they are not towards Brabant and Penzance :wink:)

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