Hunter × Hunter | Week 2 🐸

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Some corrections

This is actually said by him, this is just “sit down”, he’s telling gon, so he can talk to him I guess

ジンさんに合わなきゃ - If I hadn’t met Ging…
俺は今頃 - I would be around now
スラム街の路地裏で - on the streets of the slum quarters
のたれ死んでいた - (のたれ死ぬ is in itself “dying by the side of the road”, but that’s already been said, so) would be dead
だろう - probably
If it wasn’t for meeting Ging, I would probably be lying dead on the roadside in the slumquarters
Also important, there’s a dakuten in the 死ぬ here, it’s じぬ

You have it right, in case of 好く, the one who is liked is the topic, and the one who likes them is the target

Yeah, bit odd, even though they are liked by animals, but sure, that’s correct

Here the ハンターと仲良い part modifies the 動物 part, “animals that are good friends with hunters cannot govern the forest”


It’s probably “or something like that”, or "around that"でも

The part that modifies 仕事 is:
the quote is made up of two parts:
子供を捨ててでも - even if you have to leave your child
続けたい - you want to continue
even if you have to leave your chilld, you want to continue
~と思う仕事 a job you think you want to continue even if you have to leave your child
or in proper english: “It’s a job you want to continue, even if it means leaving your child”

餞別せんべつ is the word there, or “farewell gift”, need to correct this in the vocab sheet too

It’s roughly “you had me there for a second” as in he must be joking to say something like that

stuff modifying 職業:
狙う獲物によっては仲間同士の殺し合いも珍しくない (removed the weird ねェ part)
the topic here is probably the hardest part
狙う獲物 the targeted loot
によって due to
so due to the goal in mind
仲間同士の殺し合い - the killing each other of comrades
も珍しくない - is not rare
due to the goal in mind, it’s not rare even for comrades to kill each other
~職業だ it’s a trade where…

I think he’s just saying “it’s going to be stormy” or “it’s going to be rough” with な being another form of ね.

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