Hunter × Hunter | Week 1 🐸

Thanks for translating :smile:

Some corrections

と呼ぶ generally speaking has the meaning of “calling X Y”

This one is correct, and you’re probably confused because of the old man’s way of speaking (he often leaves of the ai part of negatives, so that 上がらん is 上がらない), the sentence roughly translates to “even using 5 strong adult (men), it couldn’t be lifted (out)”

Here his speech pattern appears again, so that is actually a “doesn’t appear”. I translated it as “I thought there wouldn’t be someone who could catch fish (alternatively catch that thing) for 10 years”

It’s actually “do as you like”, and the うん on the next line is something like “alright!”

another version of the negative tense

わしら is another word for “us”, so “we don’t have enough power to stop him”

One thing, this kanji combo for 時季 is season

your guess is correct

これをを見たら if (they) see it
どんな呑気な動物も even a carefree animal
2秒後には after 2 seconds with は adding a sort of emphasis
隣山まで to the next mountain
逃げる runs away

this gives you “2 seconds after seeing it, even a carefree animal would run away to the next mountain”
〜ほどやばいもんだ “~, it’s that dangerous”

胸が悪い is a set phrase for being angry, with くそ replacing ga for a sort of “this freaking angry” feel I guess