Hunter × Hunter 🐸 (Absolute Beginner Book Club) - Starting on the 27th of August

And the book club is officially finished! Thanks everyone for participating, even if conversation was a tad bit nonexistant :joy:

Before I continue on, I would like to ask, if anyone would be willing to lead an offshoot club. I’ll post a poll about this a bit below to measure interest.

As promised, here are a few polls, to check how everyone liked the book and how difficult it was.

How did you like the book in general?

  • It was great!
  • I enjoyed it
  • It was readable
  • Wasn’t the best
  • It was terrible

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Difficulty-wise, what do you think of the book?

  • It was way above what I could read
  • I managed with some difficulty
  • It was around my level
  • It was somewhat easy
  • It was way too easy

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Did the grammar sheet (at least as far as it was filled out) help?

  • Absolutely
  • Checked on it from time to time
  • Not at all
  • Haven’t used it

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Would you be interested in an offshoot club?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends on the time

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As a quick aside, if you thought, that this whole reading thing was great, check out the next book club in line for Cells at Work!! starting on the 29th!