How was your last Review?


I made a stupid typo with 天気 and the other 4 i just couldn’t remember u.u the wierd readings always get me 名字、小皿 etc. Anyways, im more interested about your results and the struggles of your level.


I got 81%, and as you can see, I’m a level 3. I don’t really know what did I get wrong.

I have a limit of 20 words per day, so my review doesn’t get too high. I try my best to remember the term, but then it appears in the review and I completely forgot about it. Sometimes my reviews get as low as 40%

It’s kinda disappointing, but I’ll keep trying. I hope I don’t burn out too soon.

I would also love to hear about other people experience, tips, tricks, etc.


Not quite as good… 71% final accuracy :confused:

Will do better in the next one ^^U


My last review was just for 5 items that I did lessons on this morning, so easy peasy!


Reviewed 16 items literally just now, and got my first ever Enlightened turtle. Sixteen of them, in fact. :grin:

I installed the Ignore script so that I don’t get penalised for stupid typos - the trick is making sure I don’t ignore it when I legitimately get it wrong. If I say it correctly in my head as I type it, but type it wrong, I’ll ignore it.


88% answered correctly out of 72 items. Plus I had a second review afterwards where 5 things got enlightened. Not perfect, but I’m pretty happy with my results ^^


I just did my reviews. Didn’t go bad, but I forgot how to read 化, like and idiot, so I don’t have a perfect score, as you can see.


Normally I don’t care too much about 100% reviews if they’re of a low amount like this, but I burned 6 vocab items so that’s cause for celebration.


I usually get 60%-80% on reviews of more than 15 items. It’s why it took me about 15 days to get from level 3 to 4. Because of that, getting 100% on 48 items is cause for celebration for me.