How to you learn new vocabulary outside WK

You can find all the resources mentioned in here and more in This List.

At the beginning I played a lot of match the words games with basic japanese words like colors, days of the week, seasons, body parts and such, where you either pop bubbles or shoot arrow to level up. Listened and watched japanese for beginner (even old stuff from the 80’s) just to hear basic sentences over and over again, and then added Human japanese, Lingodeer to the mix, NHK Easy Japanese, and pimsleur. Also I really don’t like anki…haha
When I got to genki was already familiar with a lot of the vocabulary in the first chapters.

That’s my style of learning, listening is essential for me, and having fun when learning. But as you can see it’s a mess (still is) and not suitable for people with limited time for studying. I usually tell people find something that works for you and stick with it, ‘cause there’s an embarrassment of reaches when it comes to Japanese learning material for english speakers.