How to type てづくり

As per subject… I’m level 7 now and unlocked handmade. I tried type tetsukuri and tezukuri, both registered as false… any advice would be appreciated


Tedukuri is the way

Tedzukuri might work too depending on your IME in the wild outside of WaniKani—not responsible for failed reviews if you attempt.

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If you ever need to check how to type something, just go to the kana chart and check.



Or tedukuri, even. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, “du” is the point. And “di” if you need ぢ at any point.

It does not. てdずくり


Oops yes!

And it’s strange dzu doesn’t work on my phone because it works on my laptop (outside of WK’s IME)

That’s what that button is? I’ve been on WK for almost 4 years and I’ve never clicked it…


the one that threw me in for a loop was エッフェル but it’s just “efferu”

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I just did the lesson for this word and I was ready to make a thread to ask about it

Anyway, it seems that DU is the answer.

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Alright TwT thanks eveeryoneeee


I didn’t like that one, because I often say the word either out loud or in my head, and knowing it’s a 'z’ish sound but having to type a ‘d’ really weirds me out.

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