How to turn random script fonts on and off



Can anyone tell me how to turn the random fonts feature on and off?




Go check out the Jitai userscript.
I think that’s what you’re looking for. : D


You can disable or remove the extension in TamperMonkey or uninstall TamperMonkey if you have no other extensions, but you can also just hover over the word and it will revert to the default WaniKani font if you’re just having difficulty reading the occasional word.

If you are having difficulty reading some of the fonts (although that is the intention,) you can always just remove that particular font from your computers font library or change the fonts that the extension uses in the script file.


Thanks Ryan.
I will continue struggling with the random fonts, it is probably better in the long run to be able to read kanji in the various fonts than get used to a single font and then not be able to read kanji in ‘real life’.
Appreciate your assistance.



Thanks appreciated your help.



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