How to turn off capslock? I can't type any lowercase letters except ゃゅょ, or do the japanese really just shout all the time?

Hi, just posting an introduction topic to get that crossed off my beginner’s checklist… I’m a grad student in pittsburgh studying computer science. I just signed up and wanykany seems really sweet so far. Yo, roshy koo!

Wait, no…

I made it to level 60!!

Um… let me start with some appreciation for the WK team and also for the community. WK is frankly amazing.

15 months ago when I was watching steins gate and casually remarked to my anime friends “this は word doesn’t seem to translate very directly, huh?” and one of them said “come learn this language with me!”, I never would have thought that a year later I could basically be proficient in a whole new language. I learned spanish in middle+high school over 7 years and it’s gotten very rusty and I thought learning a language was just something you couldn’t do as an adult. I’m the type of person who picks up a new hobby, does it just enough to see “what the deal is”, then drops it before spending enough time to master it; so at best I thought I’d be learning the kana and basic tourist grammar/vocab before moving on to something else. WK shocked me out of that. The gamification, forced organization of the curriculum, and frankly, the feeling that I should make the most out of my annual subscription (well, I’m on months now, but) altogether made for an amazing hack that kept me going. So, big big thanks to こうichi and friends for this amazing learning resource.

Next the community. Y’all are great. I forget around what level I started posting but I distinctly remember feeling very lonely in the struggle against leeches, or laughing to myself at funny flashcard moments and wanting to share that with someone. Much as I can’t imagine learning 2000 kanji without WK, I can’t imagine completing WK without socializing on the forums about the experience. Love to everyone who cheered me on, commiserated with me about leeches, liked my lame meme screenshots, and POLLed with me. Also thanks again to the admins for their responsible moderation that makes this feel like a safe space for everyone.

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Now it’s time for… bblum’s fun stats corner!


Scripts used: keisei, ultimate timeline, reorder, katakana madness, external definition, srs level progress, real numbers (no ignore! :innocent: :triumph:)

And of course… kaniwani. As someone who can still understand most spanish but can’t recall even the most basic words in it unprompted, what a huge help KW has been. It was a lot of extra time but whenever I go to compose a sentence I can feel how worth it it was. I’m a grad student (in their final year), rather than working a full-time job, which gave me a lot of time on my hands to shirk research and keep up a 7 day pace on both WK and KW at once. Actually I think if not for both I might have graduated this spring. (I will probably finish by the end of summer instead – but that’s ok, learning all the kanji was so fulfilling and I can think of no better time in my life for doing such a crazy thing.) So thanks to the KW devs for the best WK extension of them all. And look! I’m on top of my KWs too:


No funny business like any levels of vocab being locked or anything…


…for the extreme reorder script abuse I committed on WK itself to ignore all my level 58 obligations and blaze through 59 to get here ASAP. So I have like 1.5 full levels of vocab to catch up on before I should start any of 60’s stuff. XD


How else did I study outside of WK?

Something really remarkable about WK to me is that, for all it teaches only the kanji and well short of a full lexicon of vocab, I never felt the need for any other structured study routine apart from it, to motivate me to learn the other parts of the language. Like I read Tae Kim before I started / during the pleasant levels, and after that have been happy to just look up advanced grammar points as I encounter them in the wild. Sure I won’t pass N1 anytime soon, but I don’t really want to…? I came into this because it seemed fun and I will stay in it exactly as long as it remains fun. So here’s a list of all the stuff that both (a) comprises my study routine outside of WK and (b) I have come to be able to do for fun thanks to WK.

  • Watch anime and either rarely read the subtitles, or watch with jp subtitles, or both read and listen and use the english as cues to understand the japanese for more nuance. (Whenever I hear a word I don’t know, I pause and go look it up in jisho, naturally.) (I’m also just finished rewatching 響け!ユーフォニアム with no subs and am for the first time starting to watch no-subs something yet-unseen, with the simplest possible vocab - のんのんびより.)
  • Listen to japanese music. I always thought lyrics in foreign languages were cooler than lyrics in english. Well, I’ll have to look elsewhere now for lyrics that I totally don’t understand (such as I’d want to listen to while working). I used and to look up kanji lyrics often, and a lot of other songs on YT have 歌詞付き (not 加湿器) that I’d watch. Also to be honest being able to do this is sometimes so deeply moving that just understanding lyrics at all moves me to tears. I could list a lot I guess but here’s my top pick of song:


  • Make native speaker friends. I mentioned netrunner up there in my timeline - a cyberpunk-themed strategy game with a big online community - and when I first mentioned I was studying jp on twitter, one friend from Netrunners Tokyo introduced me to the rest of their friends there, and I chat with them often about the game. It’s funny to momentarily not understand something and be like, “wait, do I need to look up a word in jisho here, or look up a card in netrunnerdb?” I still find it unbelievable that I made real friends across a language barrier sometimes.

What’s next?

Apart from the obvious - catch up on my 2 levels of vocab backlog and finish level 60 - I think I’ll keep my subscription around at least long enough to Master (almost) everything, then probably let it lapse. I do have a thesis to finish writing this summer so I will probably fade away from the forums, for the near future at least. (I’ve already given up on the POLLs… sorry! miss you all! :cry:)

If you wanna keep in touch you can find my japanese twitter alt account in my profile. I’d love some more (if irregular) jp conversation partners. (If it’s not kosher to solicit ex-forum communication like this please lmk and I’ll delete this part!)

I kind of want to learn other languages now too… there’s so much of the world out there and not being able to communicate with it feels wrong now that I know I can change that! After fixing my rusty spanish, Chinese is probably next on my list, since there are a lot of chinese speakers in my field of work (CS), but I’m kind of scared I might not be able to do it without either WK or native material that I’d want to consume for fun anyway (coughanime). So, idk.

I have also never been to Japan (two of my friends who know tourist-level japanese just went 1-2 months ago and kept sending me back pictures of stuff to translate :slight_smile: ) and I definitely want to go visit now.

If you read all this, thanks! If you just skimmed it for the memes, well, I sure wrote a lot, and you’re still part of this great community, so thanks! :heart:

For now, to those reviews…


I want to thank you for sharing your journey; it was a pleasure reading through everything! This gives me a lot of positive feelings about being able to continue doing this everyday until I reach lvl 60 and beyond!

Best of luck with your thesis, we’ll be here when you need to decompress and chat about Japanese!


Congratulations!!! :tada:

That was really interesting to read - especially the bit about polling :grin:

Also insightful to know that at this point you can say you found KaniWani really helpful. I’m just starting to use it for burned items and although that’s the plan at the moment I would say it’s the thing I’m most likely to cut from my study routine if I become overwhelmed, so it’s definitely interesting to hear you’ve found it so worthwhile.

Also, my mind genuinely nearly exploded when I saw your title :stuck_out_tongue:


Woo, congrats!

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結婚しておめでとう。(I am pretty sure that is the right phrase…:thinking:)


Congratulations! のんのんびより is pretty adorable, I think I watched that when I was moving towards the end of WK too… maybe we can make it a thing?

Good luck moving forward with Japanese and finishing your education :smiley:


I’m pretty confused … I thought the mininum time for a level was 7 days? (3d 12h for the radicals and 3d 12h for the kanji)

Am I doing something wrong? ;(

Most levels makes you first guru radicals to unlock more kanji, then guru those kanji to get enough to unlock the next level.

Some levels have enough kanji in the first “batch” (before guring the radicals) that guruing those kanji is enough to make you unlock the next level. That makes it possible to do the level in about half the time compared to normal. These levels are mostly at the end of Wanikani.

That… was probably a way to convoluted method of explaining, but it’s the best I’ve got right now.

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Adding to what @vargsvans said, these fast levels are: lvl 1, 2, 26, 46, 47, 49 until 60. Outside of that, the normal levels’ maximum speed is 6 days and 20h. However, if someone is going for maximum speed, I advise to go for 7 days instead so that the same schedule maintains (no waking up at the middle of the night, etc).



@bblum I’m so happy that you finally reached lvl 60! And damn, with an average of 7d5h while also doing KW? Not everyone is able to do what you just did :slight_smile:

Wish you all the best with your major and with what has yet to come!




So so proud and impressed by those beautiful stats :durtle_love: wishing you all the best with your thesis and language studies moving forward! ^^

Welcome to :sparkles::six::zero::sparkles: !

hope you enjoy the cake c:



WHEN DID YOU BECOME LEVEL 60?! Also, when did you get that sect name? :thinking: