How to translate this?


I understand it’s something along the lines of “popular (hot topic) movie set in Fujisawa” but that’s more from me guessing from the words I know there. The word structure makes 0 sense to me. To me, it’s:

Fujisawa is the settings’s hot topic movie

I guess it kind of makes sense, but still a little strange, to me at least.

Does 藤沢が話題の映画の舞台 have the same meaning?

So, the problem here is that those の are appositive (I think that’s what those are called anyway).
@Leebo gave a nice example recently of appositive の:友達のマイク my friend Mike.
In this case, AのB can be understood as B, which is A. So, the movie, which is a conversation topic, which is set in Fujizawa.

Nope, because it changes the order of the terms. Now, Fujizawa is a hot topic in a movie’s stage (?).



I guess I can add, that this seems to be a… nested appositive, if that makes sense. 藤沢が舞台 is describing 話題の映画, which is itself an appositive set of 話題 describing 映画.

EDIT: And this actually presents a new issue, now that I think about it. Theoretically, such a nested set could have multiple interpretations.

For instance you could have (藤沢が舞台)の(話題の映画) as we interpreted it, and as I think is correct.
But you could also have (藤沢が舞台の話題)の(映画), which would be movies that are about the fact that Fujisawa being a setting became a topic of conversation? It’s weird, but I don’t think it’s impossible.

Here, they separated them on different lines and that reinforces how to interpret it. I don’t think there’s any danger of it being misinterpreted in this case, even if you didn’t do that, but I could imagine scenarios that are ambiguous.


My life is now complete. \insert emoji crying tears of joy.




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