How to talk about rank and order

How do I say things like: “The second tallest building” or “third tallest building” etc. Google-sama says 二番目に高い. Is that right?

Also how do you talk about the order of things that are not physically lined up. E.g. “if you order these buildings by the year they were built, you will notice blah blah blah.”

Also how do you specify ascending/descending when hypothetically ordering things like this?

E.g. “if you order these buildings from oldest to newest…”, “if you order these buildings from shortest to tallest…”, “if you order these buildings from cheapest to most expensive…”

My best guess would be to use the verb ならぶ and say things like 一番高いから一番安いまでにならんだら。。。 Is that right?


This does indeed translate to second tallest. Afterwards just stick noun x and it will be “Second tallest X”.

I think I understand what you mean. In this case you would not use 並ぶ, as that has sort of a different meaning… For ordering things I usually see 順 used instead. This is just an educated guess but I would translate:

as これらが建てられた年代順は…

Like I said, this is just an educated guess…but I figure I could get the ball rolling.

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