How to survive in Japan

Hello everyone! I’m currently living in Japan and, yes, language is difficult… but, for the ones living in here, don’t you feel the language is the easiest thing sometimes? Japanese culture it’s so difficult!!

People, food, daily life… I really wish I could have somebody from the beginning explaining me how to use products that you can simply buy in the supermarket but have no idea how to use, or manners that Japanese people is not gonna explain.

Anybody with the same feeling?? Hope I’m not the only one >.< That’s why, now I lived for almost two years in the country, I would love to help!



I feel that… I’m coming up on two years, too.

My biggest culture realization was that no one was gonna tell me if I messed up, so I have to ask (multiple times) for feedback.

I also wish someone had told me how to survive in summer, cuz I still don’t know that answer and I’m dying…

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summer in japan are very humid, how hot is ur location ur staying?

I had no idea what or how to eat.
I ate salads and drank coffee for a whole week because I didn’t know how to navigate the grocery store.

right now it’s between 25-32 degrees in the afternoon, but more than the heat its just the heavy humid air that feels like I’m swimming as I walk…

family mart / lawson 4 lyfe

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If you have any questions, maybe we can solve it here together!! Don’t worry about it! Feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Don’t just abuse combini!! I calculated and tried, and you can spend four times what you can buy in supermarkets. I highly recommend Life supermarket or Aeon. In Like, eggs, meat (Thursday after 6pm) and rice is super cheap!! If you want to know more about food, don’t hesitate asking :slight_smile:


After that I graduated to onigiri and discovered bentos. Then I started ordering stuff and going to restaurants. 4 years later I’m a pro

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My god hahaha You must be rich… I cannot afford paying bento and eating ordered food everyday T-T

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I’m getting better experimenting with cooking. There’s so much I can’t identify or don’t know how to use.
Giant fish section at the local supermarket. Lots of unknown vegetables.

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That is so true… there’s so many vegetables I’ve never seen in my life hahaha A good option is following housewives in Youtube. They explain easy recipes and bentos!! That’s what I watch most of the days lol


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