How to Study Grammar?

In the thread of ultimate additional japanese resources list, (which i copy its url here because i don’t know how to attach a link into a word…)

where you can find a lot of useful info, i followed the advice of Polv, saying that the udemy courses were worth the money, i bought the N5 course about three weeks ago in a discount (never ever buy a course at full price, udemy makes discounts every single month), it is not perfect, but i do agree it’s somehow nice because it’s like a classroom course. I pretty much came from zero and i can tell you using it alongside with bunpro, and the minna no nihongo textbook has really paid off.

This is the udemy course i mention… they have courses up to N1

i downloaded a free app that has test for the n5 examination, or you can either go to

when you feel ready to check your progress.