How to skip radicals lesson?

I don’t want to re-learn radicals again because I cant obviously remembering two meanings in each radical. I’ve already learned these radicals elsewhere but WaniKani apparently have different way to describe a radical. for example, 一 here is Ground. In my previous learning place, 一 was One Stroke or One. I don’t wanna re-learn everything on this site and ruin my previous memory so this cannot happen.

It should be skippable or Maybe I could take the Japanese one instead of the English. Like, answering いち instead of Ground. That’s gonna help because they have better format at least from what I know and most of these kana answers are similar from one learning site to another so not gonna be a bother.

Other problems I found is “fins” for ハ radicals

I just wish I could skip it.

You can add synonyms to items if you wish to do so, but just be aware that it will mean that when you get to the mnemonics for the kanji which contain the radicals you’ll have to either use your own mnemonic or just remember them another way.

It’s not possible to skip any items.


Aye, rather than being actual radicals, WaniKani’s radicals are better thought of as mnemonic components - the names of the radicals go into constructing the mnemonics that help you learn the kanji.

You are, of course, free to come up with your own mnemonics - and in some ways, that may even be better than going with mnemonics someone else made up - but yeah, you can’t skip things.


You are gonna HATE kunyomi and onyomi…


and whatever other fun extra readings get thrown in just because.


Oooh! Numbers! Those kinda suck.

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