How to show SRS update indicators *only* on level up?

I use the Tsurukame app for iOS. The way it does the SRS update indicators during reviews is what I like best—celebrates a level up, but does nothing for a level down.

In WaniKani, it celebrates a level up, but notifies you of your level downs with a red background and down arrow. It’s helpful to know, but it’s discouraging during reviews!

You can turn off those indicators entirely, but I’d still like to see the green ones when I do get that sweet level up on an item.

I’d like to change this to match Tsurukame’s setup, where it only shows the indicator if I leveled up. Does anyone know of any plugins that can do this? I searched around myself but couldn’t find anything. Thanks!


I don’t think there are any such scripts right now, but you could always request one

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