How to say "Outgrowing" or "Growing Out of..." in Japanese

Particularly, how do you refer to growing out of something physically? Like when children are growing and their clothes “get too small” for them. But the clothes aren’t actually getting smaller, they are just smaller relative to your growing children, so I doubt 服は小さくなっている works in Japanese. Maybe “the children are getting too big for their clothes”? 子供は大きくなっているからもとの服は着れない?

I really want to know the least wordy way to say this.

(In case you came here for the other kind of “growing out of,” like “I grew out of anime,” I’m pretty sure you want something along the lines of「アニメを飽きたんです」or 「アニメは卒業した。」Not 100% sure, though.)

Discuss ~


I don’t know unfortunately but I am very interested in the answer!

I’ve seen “卒業する” used pretty often for that other kind of outgrowing, just as you say, but as for clothes, I also have no idea.


I remembered the sample image for 窮屈 been this one in my reviews


And after a quick search, indeed one of the sample sentences in the bilingual dictionary 研究社 新和英大辞典 was:


My kid has outgrown his clothes.



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