How to say 'intelligence' and 'agility'?

I’m writing a paper for my Japanese class about a certain leisure activity that has taken off in our country. I chose to write about Escape Rooms (I think I use エスケープ・ルーム as the equivalent, but correct me if I’m wrong), and I want to say that completing challenges in the escape room requires both intelligence and agility. Perhaps problem-solving skills.

I’m not really sure how the most natural way to say this is. My teacher suggested using the word ’知識’ (ちしき)for ‘intelligence’ but I’m not really sure how that fits in. Can anyone help me?

知識 is more along the lines of knowledge and know-how.
知能 is intelligence/intellectual faculties (think IQ test)

機敏 might fit your use-case nicely: quick witted, shrewd, alert

There’s probably a set-phrase that is more appropriate though.

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By the way, I think the common way to talk about escape rooms is 脱出ゲーム.
(At least, that’s what I see on ads/signs in the street and so on).

Except for that, I agree with what @Subversity said.

EDIT: Scrap, a big company based in Japan said:


“What is important is intuition. Knowledge is unnecessary!”


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