How to reset password?

I sent an email to the wanikani staff but havnt had a reply yet.
I want to use the app, so i know when i have reviews and lessons, but i used a google suggested password so its long and complicated. For some reason when i try to long on my phone i always get the dodge face even after 10 mins…
so i would like to rest my account password, but cant not find out how.

Please help

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Settings > Account > Password.

I have heard people having issues with the apps, though. Which one are you using? None of them are official


Ah i did not know that. It says WAniki then its got a grey picture of the crocodile headed crab. the background is blury colours. its on the iphone 6s

Thanks for the password help. i was on the wrong page, where it showed you information but didnt allow any changes.

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Yeah, the spinning doge head is something on Allicrab, I think. Regardless, you can’t reset your password from any of the unofficial apps (for obvious reasons). You can change your password from your account settings, where @kumirei pointed out. If you’re not logged in, you can also go here.

EDIT: Oh, and we have really minimal support during the weekend, so it always takes us a bit longer to get back to your email comes in late-Friday through Sunday (US Pacific time). Sorry to keep you waiting!

No, it’s not AlliCrab. They are using WAniki (formerly WaniKani for iOS)

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