How to read the tilde in timespans

I often see a tilde used to indicate a range of time intervals, for instance 「毎週月曜〜金曜日」 = “every weekday” or more literally “every week Monday to Friday”

Whenever I see this I always just say the tilde in my head as an English “to”, but I’m assuming there’s a reading for it in Japanese? Perhaps 「から」?


I hadn’t even thought to ask that question! You could say 月曜日から金曜日まで, but I wonder is that what people think to themselves in their heads, or is there an abbreviated version?

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No idea if this is right, but I’ve started reading stuff like that as a pause, like a comma. I’ve never seen the tilde in Japanese, but I have seen consecutive numbers to mean a range, and that’s what I do with those.

I’m assuming it’s not pronounced にょろ when you say it out loud / in your head.

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毎週月曜から金曜日まで (or just から, looking at jp wiki)

Dunno if that’s how people read it in their heads, I read things weird in my head so I don’t even have a good frame of reference.

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I remember having the same question a while back, I believe it’s から. I was reading something that also had audio so that confirmed it. Grain of salt though because I don’t remember what it was so I can’t prove it :grimacing:

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Just went to Wikipedia to find this out, only to discover you’d done it twenty minutes ago. Oh well.

Here’s a link.


Hahaha it’s been a while since I’ve seen Churuya. :sob::two_hearts:

X~Y was actually the first thing I ever looked up in a Japanese grammar dictionary because I had this question too and couldn’t figure out how to google it back then :sweat_smile:. But I wiki’d it because I realised there might be a different answer.


Yes, it’s kara.

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