How to read Naruto Legally in Japanese for Free(ish)?

I recently finished reading 100 chapters of the Naruto Manga in Japanese :cherry_blossom:


I’m glad that there is plenty of Furigana in there because the vocabulary is at least at N2 level and sometimes N1

I used NoxPlayer (an Android Emulator on Windows) to run the app.

And, I used this app.

It is the official app from the publisher and it is paid but it is Very Generous with Bonus Points.
So, if you see 2 advertisements and do the chance thing, you can get 4 to 5 chakra points per day +1 for visiting the app daily.

Basically, you can read 4 to 5 volumes per day for Free!
You can also buy points.

One really cool thing is that you can read the Naruto manga in color!! Which you might not be able to find in paper very easily.

Finally I can make myself read something in Japanese.

Did I mention that it has “Furigana”?? I love it !!

NARUTO-ナルト- 公式漫画アプリ~毎日15時にもらえるチャクラで全話読破~

[Requires Japanese VPN to install]

I used free VPN apps like Tunnel Bear (free 500MB per month) and Hola.

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Please Ask Me if You Have Any Questions In Making This Work For You :slight_smile:

Edit: The same kind of app is available from Shueisha for One Piece, and Gintama as well.