How to put grammar into long-term memory?

I love Wanikani because it helps to put vocab and kanji into long-term memory. I don’t think SRS works very well with grammar because it’s more complex, so what’s the best strategy for retaining it? It’s so much easier for me to do Wanikani than to study grammar. I think the reason is that I haven’t found a good method to study it. I know I can read grammar books, and I have, but I often forget it because it’s not reinforced into long-term memory the way WK does with vocab and kanji. Help please.

Encountering things in the real world is one of the best ways to burn them into your memory. It’s kind of crazy how big of a difference there is between randomly picking and looking up a grammar point and reading it about it for 20 minutes, and encountering a grammar point in real life and then looking it up.

Basically, consume level-appropriate media.


You can try out the duolingo course. It’s not very good but if you know your stuff going in then you’ll at least get some practice.

Really it’s just about getting as much practice as possible in as many situations as possible. plus accepting that you will make many mistakes and will forget different points.

Journal every day. Write about your day using the grammar points you are currently learning. I find handwriting to be more engaging than typing. It will take more time, so don’t get hung up on kanji if you don’t really know it. It’ll take too long and will distract from the grammar (for me, anyway). Passive learning like listening to podcasts is helpful. Of course, speaking practice is the best way, but also difficult if you don’t have a partner to practice with, so read everything aloud instead. It’s not specific advice, but it’s a general start.


Grammar is a very wide term so I think it would be useful to know what exactly you are struggling with (e.g. particles or verb/adjective conjugation)

Either way, I would suggest making notes - either online or hand written.

I personally have two journals. One which has all of my notes from text books broken up into a chapter by chapter basis and then my second journal is new words or phrases I have learnt (these aren’t particularly from any lessons or in any order but are just interesting words I don’t want to forget). Use wanikani to help by replacing the words used in textbooks with words you recently learnt from wanikani - so practice conjugating wanikani’s verbs and nouns into your own sentences.

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