How to properly MAKE a POLL? - SOLVED


Hey, anyone know how to properly do the POLLS in Discourse here? I’m getting super frustrated…
I have 2 in one post, and this popup keeps assaulting me telling me to label them with the “name attribute”… I tried adding name=“this” and name=“that” into the poll BBCode but that just made them both totally fail and show up as code instead of polls in the thread. … I remove it, and it’s a poll again, but the stupid popup appears and won’t let me post.

I’m frustrated and pissed off (at Discourse)… how the heck do I do this? Help, please.


Ohhh! This explains why messed up in other thread! Let me check!


Ok. Don’t put the poll name in quotes.

  • Pick This
  • Pick That

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  • Pick This
  • Pick That

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Is from this:


Thanks you! Been driving me crazy.

I had space between two words in my name, so I felt the quotes were necessary. Now I know, 1 word. GREAT.

Thank you! :slight_smile:


No problem. Glad to help!
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