How to overcome the existential dread of learning Japanese?

Why are you learning Japanese? Is it something that’s required of you for a serious purpose? If not, there’s an answer to all your scary questions: have fun.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but learning a language is a journey. You’ve started too late for what? (You kind of lost me on that one.) There isn’t really a rush to get wherever you’re imagining you have to be in a certain period of time. Satisfy your curiosity and enjoy yourself. Learning a language isn’t like studying for an exam, it’s more like learning to walk. It’s something that becomes a part of you.

If you honestly feel like you’re putting in effort and seeing no results, re-examine your routine. Do you have a structure, how are you combining your study of various language skills, etc. This forum has a ton of resources that can help you with deciding what to use. Start here, maybe.

Just don’t make this a chore, or a race, because you’ll lose motivation. Have fun :upside_down_face: