How to know what reading is kaniwani asking?

i don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but does someone know if there is a way to know what reading is kaniwani asking for? 'cause i failed some words not because i didn’t know them but 'cause i guessed wrong what reading was it asking for.
thanks in advance!

Nevermind my answer before, I thought you were asking about Wanikani lol


the best advice I have is abandon KaniWani since you’re still at a low level.

Instead use KameSame because it’s a more helpful tool.

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Kaniwani is only ever going to ask you for vocabulary words. It will never ask you for a kanji’s reading in isolation. So you should use the reading you learned on WaniKani when you first learned the vocab.

If you’re asking about synonyms (ex: how do you know whether Kaniwani is looking for 女の子, 少女, 女子, etc. when it says “girl”?), then unfortunately there’s no way to know. You have to add the synonyms yourself so that the system will accept any of these answers.

This, among other reasons, is why I stopped using Kaniwani pretty early on.


thanks, i’ll check it out!

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thanks anyway! :smiley:

doumo arigatou!! :smiley:

i’ve been using KameSame since you recommended it, i’s great, thanks again!!

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