How to keep that determination?

Since I went on a 200+ item bender to reach LVL17, I’ve felt a little burnt out. I still want to continue, but my review count is hovering around 200 and it’ll be difficult to get it down. Any tips on keeping on?


Stop doing lessons for a while. This will eventually lower your review count. As a general rule, to reduce the review count throttle down you lessons.


When I have a big review pile I try to take it down in chunks. I start by opening up reviews and trying to make it half way then use the wrap up session button to take a break. If I keep doing it each next session gets shorter and easier to handle, if you don’t make it half way don’t worry about it, just keep trying each time.

And yeah, take a break from lessons if you’re feeling overwhelmed, they’ll still be there when you’re ready.

Sometimes after I make it halfway and take a break for 5 minutes I’m already ready to go at it again.

I’ve used this for review piles of 400+ and it seems helpful for me but everyone’s different, so modify it to your own tastes. Try to think of it not as a backlog or a bunch of work but just a lot of stepping stones on your journey.


Last month I resumed WK after a 4 months hiatus (JLPT N3 and MEXT) and had 1600 reviews to do. I’m hovering at <500 now. You just have to suck it up and do more reviews than the number of new items added every day. The time it takes is inversely proportional to such margin. Some days it will be easy, on some it will be hard.

As for the motivation, I can only say that a: reviews are a lot but not infinite, b: having set goals outside of WK helps. It could be passing an exam, getting more comfortable reading etc.; you do you, but be sure to have a clearly defined motivation you can remember to yourself every day.

My two cents.


I was at level 17 when I got bogged down a few years ago and dropped WK. I reset to the beginning a few weeks ago, but I’m about to have to take another break, possibly a long one.

Here are my plans for when I return to umpteen reviews. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it will help. And your situation is different, but maybe it will suggest something to you.

I won’t do any new lessons. (In fact, I stopped lessons as soon as I realized I was going to take a break.)

I will use a reorder script so that at first, I will review only my best-known items (master). I will go through them as quickly or slowly as I want to. I will miss some (maybe lots) of them, which is fine—but others will get OUT of my review queue, making it shorter and less intimidating.

Then I’ll move to only guru items. Once I’ve worked through those, I’ll tackle the apprentice items, which will be almost entirely items that I missed from the master & guru sets.

When both my review queue and my apprentice numbers are at reasonable levels, then I can start new lessons again.

If I were in your situation, I’d certainly stop doing lessons, as others have said. If I still were overwhelmed and wanted to cut down on reviews for now, I’d decide: which is the priority? If I were determined to learn those Level 17 things now and I were feeling overwhelmed, I’d study only the apprentice items. I’d be less likely to forget the others quickly, anyway. But if I were truly overwhelmed, I think I’d use the order I outlined above, which would let me rest on my better-known items. When I got back down to apprentice I’d have to re-learn some items, but that would be okay.

It’s really easy to feel like this is a game and we have to level up quickly. But you’ve discovered the troubles with that! We just have a limited amount of time and attention to give to kanji. But if we keep on, we can reach our goals!

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I see you have 200 Apprentice items. Don’t bother with lessons until that’s below 100, maybe lower. You decide what amount feels comfortable. And please, don’t start abusing the reorder script to skip vocab like many people have done. You’re only gonna be harming yourself in the long-run, as many kanji readings are only taught through vocab.

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If I continue to do lessons I will surely burn out. Been doing reviews for like 4 months now and will continue until I burn everything. I’m not in a rush so it doesn’t matter to me :slight_smile:

I’ll resume lessons after that so that I can start with 0 pile of reviews! And I will also keep apprentice and guru below 100 at all times. Fun times ahead :blush:

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Reorder by some kinds of levels; multiple sessions per day; do enough per session (say 200). Wrap-up button might be needed, but I am not sure I have used it much. I would say carrying the remaining to the next day is no problem too.

Also, no new lessons.

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How can you check items/stats from another user?

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Just add the username you want to see after the slash.


Unless they use a different name from the forum, which sometimes happens.


As someone who ended up resetting from level 27 after being away from the app without going into vacation mode and accidentally amassing over 2000 reviews, I’ll echo the tips already posted. If you have a ton of review items, hold off on doing new lessons until you have your pile well under control. I’d also suggest holding off on new lessons if you have a ton of apprentice items (like over 200.) To keep reviews from being heaped on a lot at a time, limit yourself on how many lessons you do per day. I now limit myself to 20 lessons max per day instead of binging through any and all lessons as soon as they become available.

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Unless you’re literally studying this as a requirement for a job, just remember: there’s no pressure. Is this just a hobby? Then it’s fine to ramp down the intensity on days you don’t feel it. If you like a sport, you don’t force yourself to play it if you really don’t want to that day, do you?

You will often find yourself up against a large number of reviews, especially as you proceed. Sometimes I see a stack of nearly 300! Some days I want to grapple with all of that. Some I don’t. The only constant is that I always make sure I make some progress every day, even if it’s only 20 reviews.

Unless you’re specifically studying it for a deadline, there is no pressure - your only competition is yourself. Sure, some people advance at a crazy pace and fly through Wanikani and become very strong at Japanese within a year, but they’re also devoting 8+ hours a day to it. Your only comparison is yourself, and do what’s best for you. Don’t let something enjoyable become something that chains you!


Mate, my review count has reached 1700. this happened because I studied for my jlpt. At times like this, just take it slow and don’t worry about the accuracy. It is gonna suck, but just get through it. Every time you get it wrong is just another time you can see the kanji and learn it again. My accuracy is absolutely awful right now. But I just look at it as a way to do the stuff again. My advice would be, don’t do any lessons for a week and see how you feel. Just do reviews when you can. What I suggested is the cup of coffee/tea method. Just make a cup and study until the cup is finished. Then you will have done somewhere close to an hour of studying. That is enough. You could also just try watching some anime or some japanese content. I hope this helps and good luck! It is a marathon, not a sprint. Just take your time and enjoy the journey.


Wasn’t sure where I wanted to post this. But I thought a thread about keeping your determination is as good as any place. Today, I reached a milestone with WK… I burned my first items… 22 to be exact, all of them radicals. Anyway, definitely gave me a burst of motivation.

I got a little depressed a couple of weeks ago when my 153 day streak was broken… If you’re Canadian, you’ll probably know why… It was because of Rogerspocalypse (for those of you who are not Canadian, a little over two weeks ago, one of our major Telecom companies, Rogers, went down nationwide… as in, no cell service, no home internet…). I know it’s just a streak, but it sure was a great motivator not to mess it up, forcing myself to do reviews every day. But now I’ve got a new motivator, watching those burns pile up from the early levels.

Well, that and planning to take the December 2022 JLPT exam… haven’t decided on level yet. Kanji-wise, I could do N4. But grammar-wise, I’d be more comfortable sticking with N5. Anyway, I still have a few weeks to decide before needing to actually sign up.

Anyway, enjoy those reviews, folks!


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