How to import Satori reader => Anki

Started to seriously use satori reader and was wondering how to transfer study cards from Sat Reader to anki?

thanks guys!

I haven’t heard of Satori reader before, but if you’re able to use it on the computer you can set up Yomichan and link it with your Anki deck. Yomichan allows you to highlight words you come across on the internet, etc. and shows you the definition of them (based on the dictionaries you import into it). If you set it up correctly, you can then import that word into your Anki deck and it’ll include audio for that word too if the dictionaries you are using have it. Probably not the answer you were looking for, sorry, but it’s still a really helpful tool.

Check the “Review” Page, it has an “Export” Section :wink:

That’s the thing!! When I export it, it comes as an excel and when I hook it up to Anki. It doesn’t work :confused:

“It doesn’t work” is not really sufficient to help you out. Have you read the Anki manual about importing of CSV files? Maybe the format needs to be changed. And of course you need to have a note type prepared.


Sorry but could someone explain how to import wk progress into satori reader? I’ve read it’s possible but can’t seem to find a proper guide on how to do it…


Hi @SoniaR,

1/ Go to the preferences page, and in the “Kanji Knowledge” section, check “Other” and click on “Save known Kanji Settings”.

2/ Then, in the same subsection, click on “configure”.
(Or just click here)

2/ On that page, see the “Wanikani” paragraph.

Have fun :slight_smile:

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