How to go back to level 1?

HI I accidently started level 2 before completly finishing level 1, and now I have loads of new lessons that I don’t want to start.
Is there a way to go back?

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Unless you have a script installed which reorders your lesson you will always learn the material from previous levels before starting the current level’s items. So even though you are level 2 you might still have lessons left from level 1, which you will do before you can do the level 2 items. If you are just talking about reviews, then you will be reviewing level 1 items for months to come regardless.


You level up once you reach 90% of all kanji in Guru. By guruing a kanji, you naturally unlock vocab that’s associated with that kanji of your current level.

What probably happened is that you guru’d enough kanji to level up to level 2, and naturally the system unlocked the vocab from level 1 that’s associated with those kanji. Vocab does not influence the leveling up system. If you’re not using any scripts, those lessons will be ordered by their level, so you’ll naturally learn content from level 1 before seeing content from level 2 :slight_smile:


You level up once you guru 90% of the level’s kanji. Once you guru kanji, you will unlock vocabulary from that level. So, even if you are right now in level 2, with new lessons from level 2, it’s completely normal to have lessons unlocked for items in level 1.

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You’ve always got the option of just… not doing the lessons.

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I see, thanks for the speedy replies!
I was slightly intimidated by the sudden rise in lessons but I suppose you just do 5 or so daily instead of all at once.


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