How to Get More Data

I noticed that some people have posted an image of their progress

How does one access such important information? Does this come with the subscription?
Also, where do incorrect kanji/radical end up? Do they restart their time scales, 1 hr, 2 hr, 4 hr, 8 hr?
How does leveling up work? Does 90% Kanji mean getting them correct at a certain time and 90% of them are at that time or something else?

If anyone can answer, I’d really appreciate…

PS Which subscription should I get if I do get it?


Hello and welcome!

To use it, you’ll need to input your API key. Go to your WK dashboard → Menu → Settings → Account. You’ll find the API key there.

The WK SRS (spaced repetition system - or time scale as you called it) goes in stages. Apprentice I - IV, Guru I & II, Master, Enlightened, Burned.

Unless I’m mistaken, an error will set the item back 2 SRS stages. So you will see those items crop up sooner again.

Your levelling up will happen in two parts. Initially, the radicals and part of the kanji will unlock for a new level. When all those radicals are at Guru level, you’ll unlock the rest of that level’s kanji. You level up when all radicals plus 90% of that level’s kanji are at Guru.

And your level can’t drop back on its own. Even if you get all of that wrong in the next review and bang it all back to Apprentice, your level stays.

When I reached the paywall, I was already convinced that I wanted to subscribe. Lifetime was too rich for my blood, so I took a year subscription.

If you’re unsure by the time you hit the paywall, you can also try a month subscription initially, to give yourself more time to make up your mind without being too out of pocket.

A Christmas sale on the lifetime subscription is apparently pretty common. While that sale isn’t set in stone, it can be something to consider.

And if you end up buying a month or year subscription and then decide to go lifetime; the costs of the remaining time of your current subscription will be subtracted from the cost of the lifetime, so you won’t be wasting your active subscription model if you switch.

Good luck on your kanji journey!


@Omun Thank you so much!

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I sugggest you to spend some time, between one review and the other, to have a look at the FAQ and the User Guide, this will answer to a lot of your questions.

Just FYI, although the new version of wkstats isn’t done yet, the graph at is more accurate and understands resets.


If you’re interested in lifetime, WaniKani has generally had a Christmas sale every year. Lifetime for $200 instead of $300. No guarantee they’ll do it again of course.

I went lifetime, as I’m pretty slow at this. I’ve also paused lessons to focus on other aspects of Japanese atm. Lifetime definitely saves me money, but if you plan to blow through WK, it may not.

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