How to get in a good routine after major life changes?

I’m starting a new job and going through a ton of health complications at the same time. My progress has been off and on. I don’t want to take a break, but I don’t know how to keep up. Anyone have any advice?


Do just a few a day, whenever you notice that you have a few minutes free, and don’t worry about your pace. It’s a marathon, sure, and like when you’re running one, it’s the worst if you stop for a bit and try to continue after

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Honestly, you may benefit from a change in mindset.

This sounds like a lot of stuff coming at you that’s going to be difficult and out of your control. Compared to that, doing Wanikani is something you can control the pace of and start/stop as you see fit. It can be kind of a refuge of control and normality when things are otherwise pretty crazy.

And if things get hectic enough that you need to step away from WK for a while, that’s a choice you get to make too. And it’s fine, you can just come back later. :smiley::+1:


This is pretty applicable to everyone, but when it comes to an SRS like Wanikani (and really language learning in general) doing it as close to every day as your life will allow is the best thing you can do. Even if that can’t be for a lot of time right now, consistency is crucial. So in that spirit, and seeing as how you do have lifetime so there’s not financial pressure to move fast, the best thing you can do is try to identify what is an amount of studying you can manage even on bad days, and try to keep your baseline workload (probably Wanikani reviews mainly) from growing above that. You’ll have to work out how many lessons per day roughly keep you at that level (keeping in mind how they compound at later intervals if you aren’t seeing burn reviews yet). A lot of people fall into the trap of taking on the amount of work they can do on their good days, but everything you do on a system like WK carries forward as work for you in the future, too. And we all have harder days.

Perhaps some days might come where you genuinely can’t do anything, and if that’s a danger, it might be worth knowing about vacation mode’s ability to freeze things. It’s not something I’d recommend abusing, but a little stop here and there to prevent your reviews from piling up and spiraling into you never using WK again is certainly preferable. It happens to some people faster than you’d think.

That said, once you’ve done your low end daily routine, on days you’re allowed more time/energy, it’s a good opportunity to branch out – learn grammer, read graded readers, study outside vocab (probably without SRS unless you can maintain a healthy minimum there too), join book clubs, whatever it is you need to do for your level. That kind of work beyond just learning kanji is going to be necessary to do at some point, so I think for someone concerned about how much they can consistently do, it’s good to have on hand to slot into particularly good days, but never something you’re judging yourself for missing. It’s a bonus on top of your minimum.


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