How to get back into WaniKani after time away


I’ve beat 1350 reviews not so long ago and wrote a guide based on my experience. Maybe it can be of help to you: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Back to WaniKani.

Good luck with your studies!

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I’m using this stroke order diagram script


Welcome back!!


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Welcome back! I’m in a similar position and resubbed last month to WK, although my reviews were up to 400 or so instead of in the 550 range. I’m trying to slog my way through the reviews by setting a 25 min timer every day but I do have to admit, it is pretty demoralizing to be getting only 30 - 40% correct in each of my review sessions :grimacing:

I’m going to try it this way for a week or two to see if that percentage goes up (and it has been so far, a teensy bit) before I decide to reset haha. I have reset in the past and am trying to avoid using such a hammer, because it feels like I haven’t made much progress in all these years!

It might be because it is Summer time and folks are having a bit of free time to kill. For me, I’ve mostly settled into my new job and am ready to get back into it full speed. I also installed the Jisho extension and WaniKanify for my browser which is awesome! Also started using KaniWani! Let’s do this!

coming back after a 5 month “break” with many reviews waiting for me at level 10 was kind of overwhelming, so i reset it back to 6 to take it at a slow pace again to get back to snuff.

I notice I know most things that i get, but some others I have completely forgotten. This allows me to get back into Wanikani comfortable compared to relearning 50 kanji at the same time.

Thank you! I had a quick read - it’s funny you did 100 reviews a day until you got them down because that would mean if I did mine like that I could get mine down in about 6 days :sweat_smile:

Oooo thank you for this! This is really helpful!

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@Elbereth00 Thank you!

@chanzilla Thank you! And welcome back to you too! Yeah I think getting low % correct all the time would hurt my ego haha, and I think because I’m going to learn stroke order as I go along, on top of the new mnemonics, it makes sense for me to reset :blush:

@moebaca yeah that’s true! As it’s summer time for me too until I go back to uni in October, I want to get on top as much as I can before I start the new year :blush: we can do it!

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Welcome back! I had a few times like you, had hiatuses then tried to come back to my same level, it was always such a slog. Last time I reset to level 1 (which was really painful) but have since levelled up every week and it’s been actually really fun and useful to go back over early radicals and kanji. I think resetting can be really useful in the right circumstances :slight_smile:

Something like this, yes. In the beginning you’ll going to answer 90% of the words incorrectly and they’ll be back to Reviews the next day. 552 reviews will take you about 1.5 week if you do 100 reviews every day, considering in took me more than 3 weeks to finish 1350 and the last third of the days I did 200 reviews a day.

Nevertheless, all this sounds doable, so go for it! :smiley:

Too late, but I might have considered resetting to level 3-4 and looking at reviewing or unburning any renamed radicals. Rumor has it WK is slow! (Ducking)


Okay I took the plunge and reset my account… now the 500+ reviews aren’t glaring at me anymore, I feel empty (but in a good way)


I’m in a similar boat myself. I’m currently at lvl 16, but I’ve been away from Wanikani for nearly 2 years now - I’ve definitely forgotten a ton, and 800+ reviews that I’ll get 95% incorrect is a bit overwhelming. Plus there’s the content change in fall of '18. Resetting seems like it would make sense, but I hate the idea of ‘losing’ all that progress (though technically if I’ve forgotten it, I’ve already lost it hah).


Those look like so much fun! I’ll probably try to get my hands on those.

Welcome back and good luck on your journey! Go get that cake! :sparkling_heart:

@Lanik42 welcome back! You can do it! Just pace yourself with the reviews :blush: I decided to reset as L5 is not really that big of a deal, and I think it motivate me more! Good luck!

@BlueberryPear thank you! And yep I agree those poop books look amazing


I’m coming back to wanikani after a long time away (and i’m also still not sure if i’m back) and i’m wondering about how to tackle my 1800+ reviews. i’ve completely forgotten a lot i learnt so i got only 25-40% right when i did 50 or so reviews right now. the last time this happened (i’ve taken a couple of long breaks without meaning to) i thought it made sense to go back (not reset) and review lots of kanji by level (meaning actually go level by level and read and review the kanji) and then do the reviews. because if i keep getting them wrong in reviews and they keep coming back, the numbers just don’t go down. what do you all suggest? do you keep doing the reviews till you re-learn or do you do a bit of kanji study separately (could be off wanikani) and then attempt the reviews so that you’re actually able to cut through them?

The way I have dealt with backlogs of that size (and larger) is to reorder the reviews by level and do a set number of reviews every day. By ordering by level you can follow the items’ SRS progress and not touch the higher level stuff until you’ve relearned the lower levels. You’ll probably have a backlog for quite some time this way, but it avoids resetting


thats a great idea! i didn’t even know you could re-order reviews by level, i’m embarrassed to admit.

Well, you need a script for it; it’s not native to WK

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