How to find Japanese Kindle books and corresponding Audible audiobooks?

On, you can buy Kindle and Audible from the same page, so it’s easy to find a book that has both a Kindle version and an Audible version. I have never been able to find the same on It looks like you have to manually search and and compare books and covers to find the same book both places. I love to read a Kindle book and listen to the audiobook at the same time, so it would be great if I could buy books for both Kindle and Audible in one place… Do you know if it’s possible to find both versions in one place, or do you have to buy them separately?


I can see both listed on the same page on at least some books, so it must at least be possible for some of them.



Do you mean something more than this?


Thank you! I didn’t see it the last time I was on, but maybe they have updated something lately.