How to export wanikani progress(say to anki)

Basically title. I have looked at other threads about this but I still cannot figure it out.

I believe helping you with this would be against the TOS


Are my only options to remake every flash card manually or stick it out with wk?

Pretty much.

There are some Anki kanji decks that you can use and just weed out cards you already know to avoid starting from scratch.

There is the Item Inspector by @prouleau. Maybe this is a gray area but it’s such a cool script that no one complained, lol. Also a WaniKani Filter deck on Kitsun to filter known vocab or kanji from other decks.


There used to be a Wanikani to Anki exporter, but it stopped working when they deprecated the v1 API and it hasn’t been updated since :confused:

Where does it say that? It’s just a bit surprising with the API being open and all.


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