How to count classes, lessons

Hello everyone! I could really really use some help.

Can somebody tell me how do I say “Today is our third lesson” in Japanese?

I looked everywhere but the only thing I could find was the lesson counter 課. If I’m not wrong this one’s used for lesson units e.t.c.

Thanks in advance!

Wouldn’t it be something along the lines of 3回目? Or adding 目 to the end of your counter to indicate that this is a recurring thing that is happening for a third time.

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課 is the lesson counter yes, but that means “3 lessons” by itself. 第三課 is more like “third lesson in a textbook.”

But what you’re really counting here is the occurrence of the lessons, so something like 3回目レッスン is more appropriate.


@miaoupurr @Syphus

Oh, thanks a lot! And should I use the word 授業 or レッスン ?

Either is fine, but 授業 is a bit broader in that it is both “class” and “lesson.”


I’d use 授業 to refer to your class in general, レッスン to refer to one lesson as opposed to another.

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@Syphus @gahllib

Got it! ありがとうございます guys!


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