How to complete a lesson?

Hi! I am a n00b, so pardon my stupid question, but how do I complete a lesson? I started lesson 1 yesterday and examined all the radicals in it, but today in my activity summary it says that I have 0 complete lessons?!?? What am I missing? Thank you!

I’m not sure what you’re looking at when you say “in my activity summary”. Maybe post a screencap?

If you do lessons, the items should move over to reviews, which then appear in increasingly large time gaps.

Hello. Your questions are answered in the FAQ. It will be a couple of days before you get new lessons.

This is one that got me when I started. It is not clear in the FAQ what you are meant to do.

When you go to your dashboard up the top there are two circles. Lessons and reviews.

If you click on lessons that should give you those that are available. You need to use the arrow key to move through them and then complete a little test at the end… They will then be moved to your review queue. Reviews only become available as per the timed SRS system.

Early on you will easily complete all your lessons, as you go through you can then decide how many you want to do, depending on the size of your review queue.

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You complete a level’s lesson when there are 0 items on your lesson queue. You finish a level’s lesson when you guru all the lesson items corresponding to that level by successfully reviewing them 4 times.

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