How to balance lessons? Kanji vs vocab

Hi guys, I’m moving through WK and am enjoying my progress. However, one of my struggles has been finding a good balance between learning new kanji and new vocab.

Basically, at the beginning of a new level, I’ll be given a truckload of new vocab as a result of guru-ing the final chunk of kanji from the previous level. At the same time, I’ll have all the new radicals and kanji of the new level.

I’ve been trying to focus on managing the previous lesson’s vocab before moving on to the radicals and kanji, but my daily sessions have deteriorated to babysitting my apprentice queue and it’s getting annoying.

What’s worked for you guys? Do you focus on getting all old vocab out of the queue before moving on to new lesson items, or do you do a mix of kanji and vocab each day?

My thought is that if I start mixing new kanji in with old vocab, it will prevent the end of level vocab tsunami, since I won’t be guru-ing so many kanji at once.

Just curious what’s worked for others~

As soon as I level up, I do the lessons for the previous level vocab + new level radicals. I usually leave new kanji for the next day. I always pay extra attention during lessons, including looking for sentences that use the vocab and entering then into Anki, so I can improve retention. Spend more time on lessons and less on reviews.

If I enconter words I have trouble understanding or memorising, I just enter sentences that include it on Anki, works wonders.

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Cool, hadn’t thought about putting sentences in anki. I should do that! Especially to help remember intransitive vs transitive verbs. E.g. 助ける vs 助かる

How many Kanji do you learn per day, or do you do them all in one session?

I just did all my available kanji lessons for my current level. I write down the kanji, radicals, readings and mnemonics while I’m doing the lessons. I throw them out later, I just do it because it helps me remember later, I don’t use them for reviews. Don’t mind the terrible handwriting.

Entering sentences on Anki is useful because you have context cues to help you remember the words. When I get to the WK review, the sentence will also come to mind and then I have no trouble remembering.

Lately I’ve been doing 12 lessons a day, consisting of 3 radicals/kanji and 9 vocab. For the vocab, I always do the previous level’s first. I use my Lesson Filter script to make sure I get just the balance I want.

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Thanks for the help guys, I’ve decided to modify my study schedule using your suggestions, and I’ll see how it goes. As for lessons, I’m going to do 10-15 vocab per day, and 5 kanji.

I’ve also started taking my critical condition items and making anki cards with sentences. As I do my reviews, and find words I’m not fully clear on, I’ll add them to the deck too.

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