How to arrange the Vocabulary list in the levels pages the same way as with Radicals and Kanji?


hello guys

I like how the radicals and kanji arranged in the levels pages as horizontal, the same can’t be said about the vocabulary though, because when I review in my own time these vocabulary I have to go down every second to see the next one, but with kanji and radicals you can just scroll once and you see them all lined for you to review at ease and I can hide the answer to challenge myself too, so can I use something that makes the vocabulary in horizontal? thanks


That layout doesn’t work for the vocab. The radicals and kanji are on a “single-character grid” where each item in the grid has a single character (one radical or one kanji). Vocab can be much longer, up to six or seven characters even, and won’t fit in that space, so they are given one item per line instead.

If you try to force that much information into the single-character grid, it just breaks the site:


thanks for clarifying this out and sorry for the late replay.