How should I remember Kanji meanings (of the current level)?

It is just hard to remember, especially when I am in rush (3 days’ level). Even, do I really need to remember it?

I mean, I usually remember Kanji reading and the associated vocabs anyway… otherwise, I wouldn’t call myself leveled up.

I am doing the pre-study on Anki, and noticed that Kanji readings are extra hard to remember; especially if I have to think up of a mnemonic myself…

I even think of an option… ignore the accuracy of remembering Kanji meanings for now, and do the RTK. This way, I can do 1. Meaning (keyword) → Kanji writing 2. Remember Kanji meaning better…

Meaning → Kanji isn’t really doable on WaniKani, due to duplicated meanings.

What is your rush? I think going more slowly, taking fewer lessons at a time, and spreading it out is helpful to remember better. At level 52 you are so close to the end! Are you thinking of giving up WK to do RTK? Or do them both at the same time (to me that sounds like it would be more confusing)?


Even though I obviously wasn’t on WaniKani long enough yet to talk from experience, I’d also just take it slow.
Just because there are new lessons doesn’t necessarly mean you need to take them.
Since you’re pretty much at the end already, shouldn’t you focus on getting things to master/burned instead of rushing through?

I dont know how far you’re into your Grammar, Speaking and Listening studies, but I’m sure there’s something else you can focus on with your spare time.
Especially Grammar and Speaking tend to lack behind, focus on them instead. Finish WK on a slow pace, if you only learn ~10 new Kanji/Vocab a day, you should easiely be able to remember them without mnemonics.

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I’ve only just hit the 3.5 day level ups… and I’ve been deliberately taking it slow. I’ve been doing 7 day level ups since around level 27, and think it’s a good pace.

Since you’re at level 53, whats the difference between getting to level 60 in 3.5 weeks rather than 7 weeks? I think if you maintain the same pace (20-30 lessons a day, prioritizing radicals and kanjis) as the previous 7 day level ups, you can still level up every 5-6 days. After doing WK for 5 years, what’s another 3.5 weeks?

Sorry for hijacking the thread somewhat, but what’s this about 3.5 day level ups? I thought the fastest theoretical level up speed was 7 days.

From what I’ve heard there are no or much fewer radicals after level 48 so the fastest level up time is 3.5-4 days since 90% of the kanji for that level aren’t locked behind radicals.


Yeah, starting at level 46, each level has so few radicals that the first wave of kanji is enough to reach 90%, so you can level up in 3 days 10 hours.

I’m very excited to be starting that part of my WK journey next week. Time for the sprint to the end, though I can only get to about where polv is before the JLPT.

Which JLPT are you planning on taking?


Though in practice tests I’ve still done better in kanji/vocab than other sections.

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Nice! I’ll be taking the N2 this year, and take the N1 after 3 more years of study.

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