How should I proceed?

Hey Guys,
after a couple of months away from WK (exams, exams, exams), I’m finally back!
I have now the problem of 100+ apprentice words (mostly vocab) and more than 150 Lessons are waiting for me. How should I proceed? Should I try to guru some more apprentice words before taking a look at the lessons? Or delve right into the lessons now?

Furthermore, I have big problems memorizing vocab, do you really only use mnemonics to remember the meaning and how to write them?

Please help :slight_smile:

Heh. The reason I made the Expected Daily script was because I had a lot of reviews and lessons backlogged. I’d say look at your expected number (142) and if that’s too much, then wait with the lessons. Once your expected number of reviews goes down then do some more lessons to raise it.

Can’t help you here. I’m comfortable learning the vocab without mnemonics.

I learn most vocab without aid, but when I see one I know I’ll have trouble with, I enter example sentences of it into Anki. Works for me.

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