How often does Wanikani get new members?

I learned from a friend who actually recommended me the book reading communities, not the WK itself. So I checked it, was not interested and left the idea aside.
It was around 2 years ago and here I am now registered and learning the first batch of radicals. Well, not learning since I know them already but installing myself into the system, adjusting to terms and rules etc.
Since my previous ways of kanji learning did not work well for me I am alright with starting it over with WK method.


The wanikani method works well for me, hope it works well for you.

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I came over from Duolingo, I think someone posted a link on the forums there. Their system was not working for me, much happier using WaniKani and Bunpro now.


heard about it from some youtubers who either live in japan or make videos about how they studied japanese. I think I specfically found out about wanikani from Kemushi-chan on youtube?

Mine is a funny story. I was sitting on a plane and the person next to me was using Wanikani - first time I saw it and I thought “Hey, that’s cool!” But I was too shy to ask her about it…luckily I could read the name of the site and looked it up later…


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