How much time per day on average do you spend doing WaniKani?

If by “ridiculous” you mean unattainable, then absolutely not. You could get to 12 before the second week of October :slight_smile:. At my fourteen-days-per-level pace, it would be at the start of November, and I’m going “slow” by choice.

You can try doing KaniWani, too. Work those recall muscles in addition to your recognition :slight_smile:

Just joined WaniKani, and am a newbie to Japanese. It seems 2 hours is the average. Is this just learning kanji? I’d like to learn Kanji, but spending two hours on that alone may hinder any other progress (I would like to focus on conversation and listening). Should my goal should be one hour WK one hour Genki per day? Or does WaniKani include vocab?

It`s not common to spend two hours per day on WaniKani. I sometimes do it if I level up and do all 100+ new lessons on the same day, but I haven’t been doing that. Once you’re past level 5 or so, you will spend maybe 30 minutes/day on reviews, but you can do them little by little on pockets of free time throughout the day, you don’t have to allot haf an hour of your leisure time for reviews. You can do them on your phone. Lessons will take you a little longer, and it is better to sit down and do them carefully, but even if you go at the fastest possible pace you will only unlock new lessons every 3 or 4 days.

Your accuracy also greatly affects your workload - if you keep getting items wrong, they’ll keep showing up for reviews more often. Pay attention to your lessons and get them right, it pays off. Also search the forums for the override script, it will avoid being held back because of typos - but don’t abuse it.

WaniKani requires a significant time investment, but it pays off. Search the forums for the resources thread, there’s plenty to do while you’re waiting for reviews during the first few levels.


Anywhere from 2-3 hours a day it seems. For whatever reason, the kanji readings are not coming to me very fast when doing vocab. So I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to recall the same mnemonics over and over. This is probably a consequence of not knowing the vocab ahead of time, so struggling with two things at once. What is reading? Do all the readings make the right word? I think not keeping up on KW is compounding this problem. According to the stats site, my reading error rate is 3x-4x my meaning error rate.

Turns out I really don’t much enjoy a 150 review at the end of day, which happens when I’m too busy in the morning or at work to peck away at reviews. Getting home at night, after an extended day, thinking “omg, this is gonna suck” is not the attitude I want to have. I’m fastidious about ending the day with the review queue at 0.

I find myself wishing I didn’t have to work, so I could focus on studying instead. This is silly of course, as work is practically far more important. The positive is that weekends are a blast, as I feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at having sufficient time/attention to do WK, other 日本語 studies, and listen to the week’s Coursera lectures at 1.5x speed and finish the assignments by the deadline. The negative is the weekend is over too fast, without a day of mostly rest.

Thanks guys, I seem to level around the 12 day mark; but this is mainly cause of silly mistakes. Fingers crossed I hit my goal!

I spend about an hour or so doing reviews/lessons per day. Not more. Because I have a job/life/other interests and I can’t spend all my time on WK at all hours of the day/night. And because of that, I’m going very slowly by choice.I only do about 10 lessons per day, though.

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Zero minutes. It’s not something I’m really focusing on at the moment. I’m currently debating whether to just charge on to 60 or go back to 1 and use it to teach myself to write.

If you are almost level 60 / beyond level 51, I would generally recommend Heisig’s RTK; which teaches radicals better, therefore better for writing.

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About an hour. I was spending more, but that left no time for studying grammar, listening, etc. Now I spend an hour or more on those also.

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I’m only at level 2 because I just started so clearing all the reviews I get in a day takes like 20 min max

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Same! Catching up on grammar is eating into review time

Is there a way/method to see how many reviews you have next? The next hour statistic always shows zero for me…

At this low level, around 10-15 per day.

Yes, there is. You have to use a script.

To install a script, read this:

The script that you need is this one:

Full list of scripts available:

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It varies (some days have way more reviews than others) but I don’t think it’s much more than an hour a day. Maybe a little more if I’ve just leveled up and have lessons to go through.

Thanks for the suggestion, but actually I’m planning on using WK more as a time management tool than anything else. I’m going to use the stroke order script for writing and the reorder script to skip all vocab. Not sure how to decide whether I got things ‘right’ or not, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

My only dilemma is whether to start this now or whether to wait till I hit 60. I’ve been seeing ever diminishing returns from WK since I got into the forties. Seems crazy not to go for 60 since I’m so nearly there, but at the same time the only reason I’d keep going is just to say I’d got there - which isn’t really a good reason for doing anything

just found out about this place, so far 20 minutes

I may be down at level 3, but I do still spend any spare moment I can when reviews are up. I keep the dashboard up in a browser tab all day, though I’d say I spend a few hours total throughout the day at this point. I can only imagine what it’ll be like when there’s even more content to chew through.

Around one hour and half. Sometimes more (for example when I enter an new lever). It has been eight more since I began WaniKani, so it is around 365 hours since the beginning of the year… Cool!

I’d say probably about an hour or so at the moment, but I’m starting to notice the load getting bigger and bigger. My personal goal is to get to at least around level 30-40, but even though I’m still only at the start of the journey; I’m slightly dreading checking my phone every few hours and seeing several hundred reviews built up.

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