How much overlap between WaniKani and the Core 2.3 Deck?


I have started working through the Core 2.3 Anki deck (love it) and have seen a fair amount of overlap between Wanikani and the deck so far.

link to Anki deck: Core 2.3k Anki Deck - Version 3 (Core2.3k) - AnkiWeb

My question is - how much overlap is there between all the items in the deck and the Wanikani vocabulary? I…don’t really know a way to export all of the words from the core deck and Wanikani to find out.

What I’m really trying to do is figure out how many unique words I’ll know once I eventually finish the deck and Wanikani (for simplicity: assuming that those are the only places I pick up vocabulary from, and ignoring the fact that wanikani adds more items each year).

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me with this! <3

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There is probably more overlap than not and you’ll more than likely learn almost the same vocab just in a different order. Plus with the kana vocab edition the 2k deck is redundant


The 2k deck does order things in a more need to know basis where as WK is curated more on the Kanji’s complexity, so you will learn words much later than you should in WK.


WK is gonna give you about 6k+ vocab by the end of it which is triple the value of the 2k deck.

Pick your poison, or do both, but you’ll probably learn everything the 2k deck has in WK.


In reply to this great advice I think you should continue the core deck as being introduced to vocabulary in order of “importance” means you can enjoy immersion materials quicker. In addition, you get SRSX2 and I think that is a great thing. I did the deck while doing wanikani and I didn’t regret it.


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