How much is too much? (Input needed on my expectations)

I usually get bogged down when I see review numbers higher than 60. Even though I know it’ll take about 5-10 minutes of my time at most. What number should I stop keeping up with lessons? I usually wait until I hit around 20-30 for reviews, but at the same time I feel my pacing isn’t honest, and I could be doing more. What is your indicator that you pushing too much too quickly?


To some extent, you will get used to higher numbers of reviews the further you go. At level 1, 30 reviews can feel like a lot, at higher levels you can be relieved that you only have 100 reviews.

Everyone is different but I like to keep my apprentice items around 100 and my guru items around 500. Find what works for you, and modulate your lessons based on that.


You won’t get anywhere in a resonable time with anythign less than 50 reviwes a day. If you wanna go at a faster pace 7-10 days a level, then you’ll hit 100-200 reviews a day. If you want to lower the reviews you’ll have to lower your progress proportinally. So 50-100 reviews a day -> 2 weeks a level. You gotta find out how quickly you want to learn and how many reviews you can handle.

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You could try to do smaller review sessions more frequently… but reality is as you get further into WK there will be an increasing workload and larger review sessions are unavoidable. I think it’s something you can acclimate to.

Still good practice to do small batches when possible.

As others have alluded to, apprentice count is usually a pretty good indicator of workload since they’re the cards that show up more often. You just have to find for yourself how many is a comfortable workload.

Early on I could probably do as much as 125-150 apprentice count items. But when I got further in, with reviews for Enlightened and Burned, I’ve had to back it down to about 100.


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