How many words must you master before reaching enlightenment?

And in another 4 months you’ll begin burning items, yay!

im on level 8 now even though i still have some vocab from level 7 not yet revealed to me, i think i was taking on too many new kanji per day and it was overwhelming me, so i have learnt to take the occasional day off from adding any new kanjis to my growing list that need regular reviews, it slows things down just enough for me to get a breath of air before before accepting new challenges… in level 8 i can notice the kanjis are beginning to get slightly more complex and it means the writing practice will probably take long also as there will will more strokes and more complicated structures to adjust to writing but im enjoying the process, so no complaints :slight_smile: *oh and i am studying just over a 1000 kanji at this point, and although theres a few that have definitely burned into my mind it will probably be a while before i see any start to make their way into the official burned catagory ? no big deal, i can be patient!

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