How many times have you reset your level?


they should add a lvl 61 for people who burned em all :slight_smile:


I’ve just taken an 18 month hiatus from Wanikani (and I’ve really missed it!) I started going to evening classes for my Japanese, which helped in some ways but meant I didn’t also want to put in time for this… but I noticed the downturn in my kanji knowledge pretty soon. Also had a lot going on at work and at home, and the next thing you know there are 2000 reviews and it’s too overwhelming to come back to.
So I’ve reset from 19 to 1, and look forward to hopefully getting back to 19 (and beyond) quicker this time!! :smiley:


Hey guys, instead of resetting why not only do reviews and not lessons so that the reviews slow down over time, did you not think of this or would it not work


No, because that had completely not crossed any of our minds. /sarcasm

Sometimes life happens. Sometimes other things happen. I suggest actually reading the thread before giving us suggestions that are borderline insulting.


I’ve been away for about 2 years and I forgot to turn on vacation mode. Something tells me that I’m gonna reset to level 1 …