How many times have you reset your level?


they should add a lvl 61 for people who burned em all :slight_smile:


I’ve just taken an 18 month hiatus from Wanikani (and I’ve really missed it!) I started going to evening classes for my Japanese, which helped in some ways but meant I didn’t also want to put in time for this… but I noticed the downturn in my kanji knowledge pretty soon. Also had a lot going on at work and at home, and the next thing you know there are 2000 reviews and it’s too overwhelming to come back to.
So I’ve reset from 19 to 1, and look forward to hopefully getting back to 19 (and beyond) quicker this time!! :smiley:


Hey guys, instead of resetting why not only do reviews and not lessons so that the reviews slow down over time, did you not think of this or would it not work


No, because that had completely not crossed any of our minds. /sarcasm

Sometimes life happens. Sometimes other things happen. I suggest actually reading the thread before giving us suggestions that are borderline insulting.


I’ve been away for about 2 years and I forgot to turn on vacation mode. Something tells me that I’m gonna reset to level 1 …


I reset again. I probably didn’t need to the last time but I am feeling it now. Especially now that wanikani has changed its radicals around. I am struggling with these kanji and vocab I used to get bored doing because I ‘knew’ them. But that’s what spending 6+ months eating and breathing my 3D Animation demo reel would do to my brain I guess 8’D


I did reset two times,

  1. from lvl 6 to 2
  2. from lvl 6 to 4

And now I‘m again at that dangerous lvl 6 :scream:


I recently reset from Level 13 back to 6 – ( my family grew! there is a baby in my life now) I felt like the first five levels were a breeze anyway from previous kanji knowledge, and I’d done some separate reviews and actually had managed to burn a few. But everything after that was fuzzy and my accuracy was too low so I went ahead into the danger-zone and said good bye.

Cool thing is the second time around it really is easier. I do have fuzzy recognition and my accuracy is higher. I’m sorta scared to get back to level 13 and hit stuff I’ve never touched before.

I’m also moving slower- my goal is 2 levels a month. This way I can make sure to cover all the vocab and I don’t stress about missing them as much. I like this pace better, it works for me and I feel like I’m learning more.

I’ve also discovered more tools- I’m more comfortable with reading and other resources. We’ll see how I do in the future.


I joined the site way back when… before all the levels were even in existence. I made it up to around level 20-ish and burnt out since I went at breakneck speeds and on top of that, I had been denied from the Japanese university I had applied to which just shattered me.

I eventually got accepted into the university and at that point decided to pick WK up once again. I reset to level 10, I think? Anyway, it was still kind of hard to remember things and having forgot radicals made it harder to move forward with the new stuff which caused me to drop it once again.(And reset it once more in that time. Actually, I think I reset to 15 and then down to 10, same problem prevailed).

This time, I’ve decided I finally want to take Japanese seriously. I’ve gotten married to a Japanese person and it seems my life is in Japan, now. With that realization, I couldn’t stand the idea of being unable to communicate and understand things around me so I once again reset. This time, I bit the bullet and reset back down to level 1. :I

I’ve been going along slowly this time, since I’m also studying from textbooks and reading, among other things. However, I think I’m progressing much faster than I ever have in terms of my overall Japanese ability and I’m quite excited to get back into WK. I can’t wait to get back to where I left off all those years ago (level 20) and that’s my first goal. I think I’ll hit level 4 tomorrow, so I’m pretty happy about that. As it stands, most kanji are super easy for me still but I get dragged down by typos thanks to using my phone a lot. :grimacing: