How many of you use KameSame? Do you like it?

Exactly what it says :star:
Is KameSame useful for you? Would you say it’s mandatory?
Thank you~

I use KameSame and find it quite useful! I like the layout and I think it’s a nice way to really make the wk vocabulary sink in (although those synonyms are killing me).

I haven’t been using it much lately because of exams but I definitely recommend it!

I do have it. But i intend into using it after wanikani -at least for now-

I use it to study kanji and vocabulary that I’ve already burned on WK. I figure it might help with language production in the future. If nothing else, it’s something to do while you’re waiting for your next batch of WK to come in.


I use KameSame and I find it really useful for reinforcing what WaniKani gives you a foundation for.

I usually study vocab that are on guru rank or higher, and I don’t study any kanji at all since I find it counter intuitive.


Not consistently at all. The concept is great and makes total sense (had every intention in the beginning) but I’m already using 3 other different SRS platforms and that is plenty for me. BTW, Kitsun does full productive input as well (if desired). If you are using ios with KS, one can use the chinese (simple) keyboard and have it as a handwriting SRS which is great except for kana entry. For the keyboard entry, I just don’t like the kanji search list on iphone if you are looking for just a single kanji with a very common onyomi reading.

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I’ll use KameSame later on as well.
Right now, with 3 SRS (WK, Bunpro, Torii) and immersion, my time is filled.
But i like KameSame, and i’ll use it to repeat (burned) items and practice.
For the moment, my accuracy on WK is good enough, and i’ll rather go faster on WK and do more lessons on Bunpro.

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I use KameSame and love it. It really helps reinforce vocab and helps with production. I wouldn’t say it’s mandatory, but if you have room for another SRS, I’d say it’s incredibly useful.

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I used to use Kaniwani, but taking an indefinite break from it. As I progress further into WK, Kaniwani gets increasingly frustrating. For those who have used both Kaniwani and Kamesame, what’s the difference? Which is better?


The synonym thing is a problem for me too. I mean, I get why they can’t accept every answer that could be correct from the prompt, because then you would only have to know one of them. But there must be a better way.

I’m imagining the prompt being a complete sentence with the one word missing, the reading supplied, and… well you would have to draw the kanji by hand on your own piece of paper and grade yourself. All the handwriting IMEs cheat and provide suggestions if you get close enough.

I’m not sure how else to truly test the reverse of recognizing a kanji (producing it from memory), except to just try to write your own thoughts and see what you forgot how to say. Trying to write sentences in the Japanese-only threads is enlightening if you’ve never tried it.

You could read through the dedicated thread to see what people think 251446983644938240

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Speaking of a better way, I just wrote an improvement called Smart Alternate Matches in KameSame that just went live. Details here.

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I use Kaniwani, KameSame seemed kind of the same for me so I didn’t switch to it. Recall helped me a lot with my recognition actually. I input everything in kana to not “cheat” when I remember the kanji but not the reading.

EDIT: I checked and KameSame seems better, more features, more lenient etc. Just not gonna switch because I’m already all in on Kaniwani and don’t won’t to start over (unless there is a way to import from Kaniwani ? @searls) Anyway, if you’ve not started any yet, go for KameSame

No there’s no import feature, sorry. As time goes on, KameSame will continue to become more and more of a stand-alone Japanese study app, leaning on the fast flash card UX to enable multiple skills training of more and more of the language.

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For one thing, searls just added a feature to get you out of an endless loop of giving a synonym the software did not request (eg 少女 vs 女の子 vs 女子). I got lost in those loops all the dang time in KW, it drove me nuts. KS used to do that, but now it won’t.

Other than that, the leading differences for me are that KS is smarter, and forces me to learn kanji.

If I get something technically wrong based on synonym, KS recognises the similarity and doesn’t penalise me for it. EG one I had recently was ‘to live’. Naturally I went immediately for 生きる (to live), but the software was actually asking for 住む (to dwell). It alerted me to the error and I wasn’t penalised for either. (This one was partly my bad; I didn’t look at the synonyms, which included ‘to dwell’, because I’ve always used ‘to dwell’ for that one on WK and forgot it wasn’t the main reading. Other similar words are less easy to tell.)

As for the second thing, KS doesn’t have a native kana embed the way WK and KW do. It forces you to learn how to use a Japanese keyboard, and select a kanji. The readings matter less (you can answer with either reading as long as the kanji + kana combo is correct) but it’s more effective in my recall of kanji just because I have to find the actual kanji, not just produce romaji that gets turned into kana for me. It’s been a steep learning curve but I’m better at remembering kanji than I was with KW.


Hi I use and like both KameSame and KaniWani. I use them to reinforce what I’ve learnt on WK, coz my brain is like a sieve.
KaniWani has audio which I like. It also has a nice layout. The dark theme works well too (KaniWani dark style)
KameSame is the cooler one IMO. You can add any vocab that’s not in WK, (or an entire song lyrics). On the home page it gives you a breakdown of leeches and what you’ve just started learning. And you can choose the new vocab batch size which KaniWani doesn’t have. Oh and on the review page, if you get a word wrong it’ll show you the correct word and the word you confused it with. This helps me a ton, coz I’m always getting words mixed up.


I’ve been starting to use it after finally figuring out my pc and getting windows to play along. Initially tried months ago to use it but didn’t realize it was looking for the actual Kanji… I wouldn’t say it’s mandatory however I think it will be helpful as review material

I see, thank you all ^^

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