How many new lessons do you do per day?

How to decide how many items per day one should do.

You’ll need to use the reorder script for this.

There’s 3 different types of items:

  • radicals (Group 1)
  • kanji (Group 1)
  • vocabulary (Group 2)

General rules:

Divide average number of vocab in a level by the number of words you can learn per day while maintaining an efficiency around 85% to 95% in reviews (100% means it’s too easy for you and that you can learn more). Example:

Your 85 to 95% number is 10 words/day.

130 words per level/10 words a day = 13 day level.

This vocabulary will be spread throughout the level.

Now let’s think about the other 2 types of items:

  • Radicals should not be a problem. Even in higher levels, you’ll easily get less than 10 radicals per level.
  • Kanji come in two batches: the ones available right after leveling up and the ones unlocked after guru’ing the radicals.

With this last point, you can then divide each level in two phases:

  • Radicals + 1st batch of kanji (Phase 1)
  • 2nd batch of kanji (Phase 2)

Again, vocabulary will be spread throughout the level.

Assuming that the time spent guru’ing radicals + 1st batch of kanji = guru’ing 2nd batch of kanji:

13 days per level give you 6 and a half days to finish each phase. This means that:

  • You’ll have to do the radicals right away after leveling up.
  • You’ll have to spread the first batch of kanji throughout the first 6 and half days.
  • You’ll have to do the 2nd batch of kanji around the day you unlocked them.
  • All the vocabulary will be spread throughout both Phase 1 and 2.


  • All numbers are based on my initial example of 10 words a day. You should adapt the number based on your abilities, routine and goals.
  • The number of vocab per level decreases the higher the level is. 130 words/level was an example.

Find the numbers that work for you :slight_smile: Eventually, you’ll be able to have an organized routine on WK in terms of how your progress should look like :slight_smile: